There are numerous benefits to publishing with the not-for-profit (and non-profit affiliated) SHERM Journal, a proud partner of a highly reputable academic publisher. These benefits include (but are not limited to) a non-restrictive licensing agreement, free advertising, and an open access platform. Read the full list below to see why SHERM is the best place to publish your research.


The Benefits of Publishing with SHERM:


1) SHERM is a full member* of Crossref, a metadata organization that specializes in making your research accessible, visible, and citable throughout the entire world. As members of Crossref, every published article and its content will:


Benefits Open Access, Publishing Academic Papers, Most Cited Academic Journals, Free Advertising Article Publications, Most Read Academic Journals

  • receive a DOI number unique only to your article even if it appears on different websites, which will make it easier for other researchers to find, link, and cite your publication;
  • be registered in an international metadatabase that makes your research accessible to tens of thousands of organizations and other systems, which makes it easier for others to credit and cite your work;
  • be included in an international reference database,which records the number of times your publication is cited and indicates where each citation occurs.

*SHERM's membership to Crossref will begin in 2019 when the journal starts publishing and disseminating articles.

2) Free Google Advertising: every issue of SHERM will be advertised (free of charge) using Google AdWords, which includes the following:

Benefits Open Access, Publishing Academic Papers, Most Cited Academic Journals, Free Advertising Article Publications, Most Read Academic Journals

    • each issue of SHERM will appear on "Google partner sites (also called the Google Display Network) [which] are a group of more than 2 million websites and mobile apps that partner with Google to show ads. [The SHERM] ad is automatically matched to related websites and apps;"
    • the advertisement will also appear on all relevant Google search results in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Greenland, and Iceland, potentially reaching tens of millions of viewers.


Benefits Open Access, Publishing Academic Papers, Most Cited Academic Journals, Free Advertising Article Publications, Most Read Academic Journals


3) Free Book Advertising: Authors whose articles have been accepted for publication in SHERM can have up to two of their published books promoted and advertised (free of charge) both on the SHERM website and the SHERM journal immediately following their article.




4) Abstracting & Indexing: In addition to being indexed by Crossref, every issue of SHERM is submitted for abstracting and indexing to both EBSCO and ProQuest. EBSCO is the leading provider of research databases, e-journals, magazine subscriptions, e-books and discovery services to libraries of all kinds. As the industry leader, EBSCO provides libraries and research institutions with the essential academic research database for peer-reviewed, full-text journals. Likewise, ProQuest is the largest, multidisciplinary, full-text database available in the market today providing people with access to millions of much-coveted full text articles from thousands of scholarly journals.




5) Editorial Advisory Board: our editorial team is staffed by some of the most influential and reputable scholars in their respective fields of study. As religious specialists, many of them already know what it takes to publish academic books and journal articles, meaning their feedback and insights on your research (where applicable) will be invaluable.


6) Open Access Advertising: every article that is published with SHERM will appear on or be referenced in multiple scholarly and social media websites, including (but not limited to) the following:

Academia, Research Gate, Facebook, TwitterLinkedIn, Google+, Reddit, Pinterest, and CiteULike.

Especially with the different social media platforms, which are used to make public announcements and press releases about your article, each of these open access websites will help to maximize the number of potential readers and citers of your research.


7) Not-for-Profit, No-Fee Charging: not only will readers and researchers have free access to your publication, which means there is a greater potential for your work to have a larger impact on the academic community, but authors will never be asked for money to publish their research with SHERM. There are a significant number of “predatory” publishing companies that attempt to take advantage of scholars and their research by charging fees; we are not one of them.


8) Non-Profit Affiliation: SHERM is affiliated with the non-profit group, FaithX Project, which is a 501(c)3 GuideStar Silver participant, meaning that any and all donations to SHERM are tax deductible. Simply specify that you would like your donation to help support SHERM. Learn how to donate to SHERM here.


9) Peer-Reviewed: your article will have the benefit of being categorized as an official publication in an official academic journal, having been peer reviewed by actual scholars and academics related to your research topic.


10) Published Alongside Other Scholars: since SHERM attracts top academicians, researchers, and innovators, your article will appear alongside some of the greatest minds in the study of religion and ministry, thereby enhancing (or propelling) your scholastic career.


11) Copyright Retention & Non-Restrictive Licensing: When publishing an article through SHERM, authors are able to retain copyright privileges over their research. Likewise, SHERM is a non-restrictive licensing publication, which means authors (as copyright owners of their research) are allowed to share and repost their article on any website of their choosing.